The Handmade Store

Beautiful Things 

The Handmade Store was born out of a love for beautiful and unique homewares combined with years of experimentation with shibori dyeing, tapestry weaving, and painting.  With for over 10 years experience as a lifestyle and editorial stylist, I wanted to use my hands-on creative skills to bring something a little different to all the interior fanatics out there (a group I am very proud to be part of). My portfolio can be viewed on my website or follow me on Instagram.

Style and Quality

Our style is chic and clean and our pieces are created using traditional techniques adapted for the modern home. Each item is made with great care and love, using only the very best materials. 

100% Handmade

All our products are handmade from scratch right here in our Sydney studio. We dye our own fabric, sew our own cushions, and weave our own tapestries. There is nothing outsourced.

We very rarely repeat a design, and due to the nature of our dyeing techniques, no two fabric items will ever be exactly alike - so you can be sure your purchase won't be found in anyone else's home or Instagram photos.

All limited edition prints are from original watercolour paintings or ink drawings created by my very talented mum. We only release a small number of each design to ensure we maintain our boutique nature.

The wall-hangings and tapestries offered are all unique, one-off pieces hand-woven by me on my various looms. No design will be repeated.


Carina x


A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.
— John Keats